A note before the content on harmony. 

I get asked about journaling pretty often.  I journal on a consistent basis.  From time to time I pick a topic for study and research it in the Bible via other resources as well.  Much of what I teach and share when coaching people is a product of this process.  I recently focused on harmony.  I have decided that for part of the content of this blog I will post directly from my journal including some of my personal notes.  To help make sense of my notes I need to explain how I take a verse and make it FLAT. 

Several years ago I came up with my own mechanism for looking at a section of scripture.  This is the first time I have shared this and it’s not something I teach so while it resonates with me it may not be for you.  I encourage you to find a way to study for yourself that enhances what you are reading)

Trey’s FLAT system:
Focus:  What is the focus of the section of scripture I am looking at?
Lesson:  What lesson is jumping off the page to me?  It may not be the primary topic.  It can be something on the peripheral where I sense God is leading me.
Ask:  What do I need to be asking myself in light of what I have just been reading?
Task:  What am I supposed to do as a result of what I just read?  Sometimes this comes a bit later after prayer.  Sometimes it is immediate. 

Thats how I take a verse and make it flat.  The section below comes from my review of Romans 12:16


Harmony, like peanut butter and jelly!Harmony is a pleasing arrangement of parts.  Harmony produces things like a classic pb&j, milk and cookies, soul and train….What’s not to like about harmony and pb&j’s for that matter?  I know there are times when we have to passionately debate or disruptively innovate but in the end, it all has to come together to produce something great.  Someone better know something about harmony.


I believe the counterfeit of harmony is haughty.  Haughty is to be disdainfully proud.  Blatantly outside of the arrangement of the parts.  It’s “better than” the rest and likes for everyone to know it.  It’s a peanut butter and crap sandwich (glad I couldn’t find a visual for that one).


Harmony vs. Haughty

-Harmony takes out the trash.  Haughty says that’s someone else’s responsibility.

-Harmony understands people.  Haughty tolerates people.

-Harmony adjusts to people and circumstances. Haughty expects people and circumstances to adjust to them.

-Harmony values others input.  Haughty only asks questions so they can give their own answers.

-Harmony asks, How can I help you?  Haughty asks, How can you help me?


Live in harmony with one another; do not be haughty (snobbish, high-minded, exclusive), but readily adjust yourself to (people, things) and give yourselves to humble tasks.  Never overestimate yourself or be wise in your own conceits.  (Romans 12:16), Biblegateway.com


Focus:  The actions of a person who lives in harmony with others.

Lesson:  Harmony vs. Haughty

Ask:  When do I see myself being haughty?  What specifically do I do to create harmony for others?

Task:  Confess the areas I have a haughty attitude in my heart.  I can see myself being wise in my own conceits when it comes to church.  Recently I have been thinking, “My church needs me to ______.”  The reality is I need my church. I don’t have anything to offer except that which God has given to me and that is the place for me to offer it up the most.  (Remember, this is specific to me.  I am including it as a descriptive not prescriptive purposes).

Those were my take-a-ways.  Using the same format, what’s yours?


I would love to hear what you decided to do as you reviewed this post.  Feel free to leave a comment or contact me directly.


Signed by Trey Baker

Trey Baker


  1. Carolyn Baker says:

    Harmony should have a place in the heart and mind of all people. It would sure make for a happier life. Love and God bless you and yours.

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