Where Have All The Snow Men Gone?

Locked away in my home office I noticed my youngest daughter outside playing in the snow this morning. I remembered this article I originally wrote this over 8 years ago for a book I self published. It’s a little preachy (I’ve matured some…) but perhaps there are some nuggets in it for us all. Instead […]

R.I.P. Don M.

“Daddy passed away peacefully in his sleep last night.” It was one of those Facebook posts that just stops you in your tracks. A client of mine had just forwarded me the message Don M.’s daughter had posted on her Facebook page about her father. He knew I would want to know what had happened […]

Noble Cause + Corporate Training = Coolest Event Ever

Noble Cause + Corporate Training = Coolest Event Ever   What if I were to tell you that you could create training for leadership, communication, teamwork, or LEAN / process improvement while providing tens of thousands of meals for starving children all around the world….Would you be interested?  Watch the video and contact me to […]

Live Free

  Ever experience any of the following? Zipping along on top of the world then zap—a tweet, text or Facebook post ruins your day. Feeling all hyped up one day when a work project goes well, way down the next when a co-worker snubs you. Content one moment with your current position, unfulfilled seconds later […]


A note before the content on harmony.  I get asked about journaling pretty often.  I journal on a consistent basis.  From time to time I pick a topic for study and research it in the Bible via other resources as well.  Much of what I teach and share when coaching people is a product of […]

Design A Way Forward

People often say to me, “I can see from A to Z.”  It’s a common cliché and you have probably said or heard it before yourself. I like to visualize it like this: It’s great to see from A to Z. That’s vision and we all need vision in our organizations and our lives. I also […]

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